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July 14, 2007
Archive: 7/14/2007 #3
gjohnsen @ 12:02 am

Oporto trolley number 1976 is back in service after being sidelined for over a year while one of its controllers was rebuilt by Ed Neel.  Ed did a masterful job of completely renewing it from the inside out.  He made new copper contactors, rebuilt the drums and protective baffles inside and sand blasted the exterior and painted it to look like brand new.  It works like brand new too!

Archive: 7/14/2007 #2
gjohnsen @ 12:01 am

Potelco, Inc. and Puget Sound Energy have graciously donated several miles of steel core aluminum feeder wire to the trolleys for rebuilding the power distribution system on the Selah Line.  The new feeder line will incorporate and alarm circuit that will immediately signal an interruption in power at the Yakima Police Department.  Relays in the circuit will let the police know the exact location of the cut so that they can apprehend the thieves.  The aluminum wire around a steel core is of little scrap value compared to the copper wire it replaces.

Archive: 7/14/2007 #1
gjohnsen @ 12:00 am

The Centennial Parade of YVT equipment to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Yakima Valley Transportation Company was held on July 1, 2007.  Many people showed up for the festive affair, some dressed in period costumes.  Two former YVT employees, Mel Lucas and Dick Noyes, participated in the parade.  Mel operated the steeplecab locomotive 298 just as he had for many years as its motorman.  Dick ran the line car, a job he held with the YVT for many years.  The two Oporto trolleys also ran, sometimes in tandem with standing room only crowds.  Several of our members from Oregon helped, as well as our British contingent, Andy and Petrina Gautrey, over here for the event.