Archive: 1/29/2005 #1

By: gjohnsen | Date: 29.01.2005 | Categories: Archive

Larry Rice and Art Grupe restored the McKee waiting station inside the powerhouse. Dean Rosenkrantz donated authentic shingles for the roof. Paul Edmondson, Larry Perrigo, and Ryan Cooper nailed the shingles to the roof. Ken and Gregory Johnsen have provided paint and stencils for the next part of the restoration process.

The McKee station is literally the last remaining intact station of the YVT railroad. It was used on the Speyers Line north of Selah until the line was abandoned in 1942. It then became a chicken coop on the Goodlander farm in Selah. Ken Johnsen and Bob Lince persuaded Mr. Goodlander to donate the station to the Yakima Valley Museum. After storing the station for many years the YVM decided to give it to the Yakima Trolleys. It was nearly lost when a snowstorm crushed the metal building in which it was stored. Denny Croston, Jerry Henderson, and Ken Johnsen saved it from oblivion and moved it into the powerhouse.